Get help with transferring your Hermes mailbox to Exchange Online

There are three ways Hermes mailboxes can be transferred, we've set out each below. Before getting started and regardless of the way you transfer, you should prepare your mailbox to ensure your mailbox transfer goes smoothly and everything you want to keep gets copied over.

  • Prepare your mailbox for transfer.

  • Your institution may be planning to manage your migration for you. If this is the case, you should refer to the communications you receive from them.

  • Prepare your mailbox for transfer.
  • After migration (optional): Self-migrate your Hermes contacts
  • Note that you also have the option of self-migrating your personal Hermes mailbox as long as it is completed by 09:00 on the day BEFORE the migration date your institution gives you.

    We recommend using the simple online tool to transfer your Hermes mailbox yourself because you can make the switch when it's most convenient for you.

    On 27 October, UIS sent you an email about transferring your personal mailbox that included the date on which it will transfer your mailbox for you. Alternatively, you may have received communications from your institution about this. You have the option to self-migrate your mailbox at any time before the scheduled transfer date you have been given.

    The only condition is that you complete the self-migration process by 09:00 on the day BEFORE the date UIS or your institution has given you. This means that the second stage ('fast pass') of the migration must be complete.

    We recommend starting your self-migration process no later than two days before your UIS transfer date to allow enough time for both steps of the process to complete and your email address to switch over to your Exchange Online mailbox. This is important because it ensures that there is no conflict with UIS' automated process.


    1. Prepare your mailbox for transfer
    2. Self-migrate your Hermes mailbox
    3. After migration (optional): Self-migrate your Hermes contacts

    UIS will start to automatically transfer all remaining Hermes mailboxes between 15 November and 10 December, working in batches alphabetically by CRSid.


    1. Refer to the email UIS sent you on 27 October to find your automatic transfer date.
    2. If this date is problematic for you, email to request a deferment.
    3. Prepare your mailbox for transfer by 09:00 the DAY BEFORE your transfer date.
    4. After migration (optional): Self-migrate your Hermes contacts

    Note that you also have the option of self-migrating your personal Hermes mailbox as long as it is completed by 09:00 on the day BEFORE the migration date UIS gave you.

    Once you have migrated your Hermes account, you can access your new Exchange Online email account using the Outlook Web App (OWA) webmail interface in your browser and/or by configuring your chosen email client:

  • How to access your Exchange Online mailbox

  • Configure your own email client:
  • Outlook
  • Apple Mail
  • Thunderbird
  • iOS
  • Other email clients
  • The device(s) you used to connect to your Hermes account will have a connection profile stored on them. When you can no longer access your Hermes mailbox (14 days after you transferred to Exchange Online) you should delete it because it is no longer needed. Your device may still try to connect to Hermes and you may receive error messages.

  • Remove Hermes settings

  • Unfortunately, there is no way to migrate your custom rules and sharing permissions from Hermes. Use the Outlook Web App to customise your mailbox settings and manually add connections to the shared mailboxes you use.


  • Set up rules for mail processing using the Outlook Web App.

  • Conditional:
  • Set up Send As permissions, if required.
  • Set up delegation rights, if required.
  • Connect to any shared Exchange Online mailboxes and calendars, if required.

  • Optional for new Outlook users: add, subscribe to or import other calendars

    If you are an individual user with a shared mailbox, you should contact your institution. You don't need to use the self-migration tool on shared mailboxes.

    The University-provided email service is moving from Hermes to Exchange Online. The Hermes email service will end on 31 December 2021. All Hermes mailboxes must be transferred out of Hermes by Friday 10 December 2021.

    In 2019, the ISC commissioned a review of strategic email provision in the University (see the announcement in the Reporter). The results of that review, and other findings, were then shared with Council, which agreed changes should be made to email systems.

    The ISC has set up an email technical scrutiny panel, as directed by Council, to scrutinise UIS proposals for the future provision of email services in the University. Hermes is a reliable system that has served well, but the knowledge and expertise needed to keep it running are in very short supply, and email is a commodity service. UIS recently proposed to the technical scrutiny group that we commence work for migrating Hermes users to Exchange Online and decommissioning Hermes. We set out an outline approach and principles for migrating Hermes users to Exchange Online, and an assessment of the anticipated impacts on the users. The overriding principles are that we should minimise disruption to users, maintain continuity of access to services, and safeguard all the data held in Hermes. A high percentage of current users of Hermes are expected to experience no negative impact.

    The technical scrutiny group, after considering the proposal, recommended UIS's approach to the ISC, and the ISC then approved it. UIS is therefore closing Hermes to new users, and to new shared mailboxes. We are also developing a detailed plan to migrate the existing users of Hermes, so that Hermes can be decommissioned no later than 31 December 2021.

    More about the service migration from Hermes to Exchange Online.

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